The Battle In Africa


Africa is home to a variety of wildlife and tropical utopias that these wild creatures call home. Along the border of neighboring countries Gabon and the Republic of Congo lie the Gorillas. But that is not the only place where you can find gorillas in Africa. Eastern Lowland Gorillas can be found in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Other small groups, such as Mountain Gorillas, reside in a small area in the mountains of Cameroon.

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The Battle for survival

What's hurting the gorillas?

Habitat Decline


Africa's economy is slowly starting to develope more and more as the country continues to grow. This unfortunately means that Africa needs more land to accomadate for the advancement of the country. With the natural habitat of the rain forest dissapearing more and more each day, gorillas sources for food and shelter are becoming scarce.

Gorilla Poaching


Gorillas are the victims of one of the most gruesome acts of nature. Poaching involves hunting gorillas with a spear or firearm. The main reason for hunting gorillas involves getting bushmeat, which is used for a variety of reasons ranging from feeding local villages to selling for high profit on international meat markets.

Ebola Virus


The Ebola virus has garnered alot of attention recently in the news for its outbreak in Africa. Ebola, however, has been haunting gorillas for a long time, and is probably the largest contributor to the decline of gorillas. With new outbreaks being discovered here in America, Ebola has now become an international concern.

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