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The Future of Solar Technology

Remote Energy, a not-for-profit organization, provides customized solar electric curriculum development, training, and educational programs. We partner with organizations looking to use renewable energy to address issues relating to jobs, health, clean water, education, gender equality, and poverty. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as solar electric systems, have emerged as a cost-effective, sustainable solution to remote area power systems, rural electrification, and water-pumping systems. Worldwide, a need exists for comprehensive, technical, capacity building programs to develop a workforce and knowledge base for PV system designers, installers, and end-users. Remote Energy is committed to aiding communities in need of electricity by training trainers who can best serve their community’s solar need.

We are a small team of experienced, multilingual, solar experts who specialize in technical capacity building programs and PV system implementation. Our specialty is primarily working in the New Mexico area, where our clients are part of a variety of rural tribes and indigeous people. Due to their locations and being far away from any accessible power grid, we bring the power to them and their communities. No matter how big or small, Remote Energy has the resources and expertise to help deliver affordable and renweable power to your remote area.


Individual OFF-GRID ENERGY Paid For Monthly

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a large and lengthy installation process, pay a small and affordable monthly fee instead.

No Large Capital Outlay

No need to panic over expensive repairs or damage that often come with large solar installations and the capital expenditures that come with it.

No Utilitiy Infastructure

Remote energy’s solar panels can operate on thier own without needing to be connected to any of your existing interior / exterior infastructures.

Able to Access Remote Areas

No matter where you are located, Remote Energy’s solar panels allow you to access electricity, regardless of how remote your location may be.

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